Bright Mosquito Racket BR 8720

Rs. 2,400.00
or 3 X Rs.800.00

  • Brand- Bright
  • Type- Mosquito Racket
  • Model- BR 8720
  • Indicator Light
  • On & Off Switch
  • Separate Power Cable to Charge
  • Warranty- 3 Months


Bright Mosquito Racket BR 8720

Bright mosquito racket / bat

Bright Mosquito Racket ( Mosquito Bat)

The Bright Mosquito Racket keeps home free of annoying and unsanitary insects.

* Kill mosquitoes, flies, moths, spiders, cockroaches, etc.

* Absorb the pests without dropping and breaking, by the high-voltage static generated between the two nets.

* Light weight


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